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Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection DiagramHome Inspections

A home inspection consists of a visual inspection of the accessible components and materials of the home. Using 3D Inspection System software, a computer generated inspection report describing these observations and conditions is submitted to the client. The inspection is broken down into:

Client Information; Grounds; Exterior; Basement; Roof; Electric; Heating; Plumbing; Kitchen; Bath; Interior; Laundry Area; and Garage.

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Pest Inspection

Upon request from you, our client, we can schedule a wood destroying insect report (pest inspection), conducted by a licensed inspection company. This is done at the same time as the home inspection.

Radon TestingRadon Testing

Randon Testing involves the use of a continuous radon monitor (Sun Nuclear) to sample the conditions in the home for a prescribed amount of time – usually 2 to 3 days. Samples are taken hourly, then an average of all samples determines the final result. Results 4.0 and above in a real estate transaction are recommended to be mitigated, while 3.9 readings and less are considered ok.