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Testimonials"Randy Payne and Kim were nothing short of amazing! He thoroughly inspected our soon-to-be-home!!! He gave advice through the entire process; he also explained and made notes (as well as allowing me to bother (contact) him when needed). He had an audience (both of our parents), who also asked questions; he handled all of us very well, answering every single question!!!! I never felt my time with Randy was rushed or he was on a time schedule; he took his time and gave us thorough advice. I would recommend Randy and Kim to anyone!!! If I had to rate, they'd be rated at five stars!!" – Danielle G. and Jim M.

"It is with some grief in my heart that I write this appreciative review of Quality Home Inspections, since I did not purchase the subject property in the end. Make no mistake, if inspector Randy Payne had not discovered and documented certain major deficiencies in the home that I was hoping to buy, I may well have found out about these matters the hard way later on. The home was still well worth the price, but in the end I had to seriously reconsider my own financial limitations and rudimentary repair skills regarding the new facts of the purchase contract.
"Randyís detailed home inspection report enabled me to reopen my negotiation with the seller. Alas, the seller and I could not reach agreement on corrective actions to be taken, nor on adjusted price for the property. So I reluctantly but legally terminated the contract. Thatís why you get an inspection. And thatís why, with his level of expertise and thoroughness of documentation, you trust Randy Payne at Quality Home Inspections.
"I had a list of concerns and questions ready when I met Randy at the property for the inspection. He helped me to understand his findings at the site, and in one matter, he recommended further specialized inspection of specific systems. Itís clear that Randy loves old houses and their history, as I do. He informed me of both positive and negative aspects of construction, as well as offered certain maintenance or upgrade tips. I will definitely call Quality Home Inspections again if I consider another home purchase in the Pittsburgh area." Ė Carol W.

"My wife and I are buying a home and we used Randy to do the home inspection. He was extremely professional, polite and very informative. He walked me through the entire process addressing every concern – from little things like a closet door that needs to be shaved down a little to close properly to some bad wiring in the electrical panel to a leak in the roof. I felt 100% confident he did not miss a thing and we can move forward with the sale knowing the true problem areas and concerns of the house. Thank you Randy, from my wife, myself, and the girls, for helping us with this experience." – Chris

"Our home inspection was a great experience; Randy was prompt, professional and thorough. We were provided a wealth of information and learned a great deal about the home. Randy also offered advice and suggestions which will help us moving forward. Worth every penny! Thank you," – Gary B.

"Randy – Just writing to say thank you for your time and generosity with the purchase of my home. Your home inspection expertise was invaluable and your patience greatly appreciated! Thanks again," – Jessica W.

"Mr. Payne – You looked at and checked everything carefully and thoroughly, increased our understanding of the property and its qualities more than we expected, and very much increased our understanding of required maintenance: I would characterize you as conscientious, and your service was well worth the fee! You did an outstanding, careful inspection of the property. We really thank you! If you ever want to use us as a reference, please do. Yours," – Liz M.

"Dear Randy – Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us. It was most helpful and worth a lot to us." – M.T.

"Randy – Thanks so much; you made our home inspection a fantastic experience!" – Anon

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